Core Services

The world's leading international express delivery agency

And the world's leading airlines to establish long-term relations of cooperation

The main business includes global international express service, international air freight import and export business, international customer integrated logistics project, customer logistics design, China and Hong Kong transport and customs declaration business, customs international express supervision center management and service and many other professional services

With a large number of experienced in the international freight transport professionals

As well as good management and resource network

Sheng Lixin has a large number of professionals in the international express delivery, import and export declarations, air cargo transport experience of a good management and resources network, with its unique competitive advantage, access to the international well-known large companies of all ages

Powerful logistics system

So you peace of mind real-time tracking of goods, cargo system can check the entire process

Customer online query package trajectory, the international express delivery system, the international express delivery management system, air quote system; "system + site" mode more convenient logistics enterprise information synchronization

Caring service, and improve after-sales service system

7 * 24 hours a day online customer service, full service for customers

We will maintain the industry's well-known status, and will establish a better corporate image and create a better corporate brand good hardware and software facilities dedicated to new and old customers to provide safe, fast, accurate and convenient international freight train services

Our commitment

Goods more secure
Free collection of goods collection, free storage, free packaging materials, free packing reinforcement, more secure and more convenient
Service better
Professional team of 1 to 1 customer service real-time response to ensure the quality of service。
More cost-effective
Professional logistics consultants to provide you with personalized cross-border logistics solutions。
Aging more stable
And DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, EMS and other mainstream courier logistics cooperation to ensure the stability of aging。

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